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Post  fiftygorilla on Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:52 am

PSN name: Fiftygorilla
Age: 18
Location: Denmark (EU)
Current level in Black Ops: 4th Prestige, level 45
K/D Ratio: 1,19, was around 2,10 before but i've spend much time trying all the weapons with most attachments, that made me drop alot Sad
Role in most games (sniper, assault, etc): Sniping.. When i'm not getting enough kills while sniping, i usually reroll to assault/rusher class and go crazy
Do you have a mic? Not currently
What will you bring to this clan? Fun, friendship, good organized games.. Most of my friends have the Xbox 360, so i'm always available for matches whenever im online (Which i also am alot).
Yeah thats about it, if you got more questions feel free to ask Cheers Smile


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